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Problems with a traditional ignition with contact points :

Contact points will always deteriorate due to the sparks.  They need regularly to be changed or adjusted.   Why ?  The points have to switch a 3 to 4 amps current.  This current is inductive and will thus create a spark.  Dur to the spark, the contact points will be damaged and will need to be adjusted and or replaced.  If the characteristics of the condensator are not matched to the coil, the spark between the contact points will be worse.

Another result of such damaged contact points is that the spark at the ignition plugs will be poor and that starting the engine can sometimes be difficult .


How does a transistor ignition solve the problem  ?

With a transistor ignition the contact points will be used to toggle the transistor.  The current thru the contact points is only at a level of milliamps. The switching is now done by the transistor.  In fact, the ignition points only give a ‘signal’ to the transistor, when he has to switch so the high current passes through the transistor, and not anymore through the points.  

Advantages : 

due to the very low (resistive) current the contact points will not spark any more. The transistor switches  in a much more stable way (the condensator is not needed any more). The engine start shall be easier, cold or warm, and the engine will have a more stable throttle.  Furthermore a slightly improved power and lower fuel consumption can be expected.  The failure risk is lower with a transistor ignition compared to the traditional points ignition.  


Installing :

Our transistor ignition is easy to fit and can be done in only a few minutes. If so requested, the system can be changed back to the original situation in only 2 minutes.  With the kit a comprehensive installation instruction is supplied. 


Remark :

Our transistor ignition does not work with  “high performance” coils or coils with “flame improvement”


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