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Why an electric fuel pump ???
You use your car sporadically ? Has difficulties to start after a long stoppage ?
By the long stagnation your carburetor is dry (evaporated). Your engine must turn quite a long time to bring the fuel to the carburetor. Most probably you had a good spark in the beginning, but no fuel, and once the fuel arrives (battery is now weakened) you no longer have good sparks. Spark plugs become wet ..
When you now replace your mechanical fuel pump by an electric one, you get you almost immediately fuel in your carburetor. So your engine will immediately start (also for 6 Volts).

What we offer you:

pump (for : 12 or 6 volts operation)
- with clear installation guide
- a pre-filter to protect the pump
- fuel hose
- the needed hose clamps
- flow
on 12 Volt 95 l/h ,  1.1psi  and max 5.5 psi at zero flow
- flow on  6 Volt 50 l/h , 0.9 psi and max 4.1 psi at zero flow

Or as complete set: 
- Pump + pre-filter + hose + 6 clips

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After long inactivity the fuel in the carburetor is mostly evaporated. 
With this hand pump you can prime the fuel for easier starts.


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