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Charger AccuMate

-  The AccuMate is an automatic charger for batteries of 6 & 12 Volts, and will switch to a maintain position once the battery is fully loaded.

-  This means that the device can be connected 365 days/year. Your car, lawn tractor, motor,... will allways be 'ready to start' !

-  We offer this user friendly device for a very attractive price.

-  You have a two year warranty from the manufacturer.
-  The device charges: Lead-Acid, Gel and MF-batteries (No NiCad!)

Charger OptiMate 5 Voltmatic

This charger detect by himself if the battey is 6 or 12 Volt !

Furthermore he has a desulphatation mode as well as for 6 as 12 Volt batteries.

The maximum charging current is 4 Amps in 6 Volt mode and 2,8 Amps for 12 Volt.

 -  he has the same features and same accessories as the AccuMate but is more powerful.
-  Three years full guarantee by manufacturer 


OptiMATE SOLAR + 6W Solar Panel

Solar Pulse Charger, Tester & Maintainer for 12V batteries, 
with 6W solar panel 



12V Battery to 12V Battery Charger / DC supply 

Standard battery charger

Battery charger 6 / 12  Volts  - 8 Amps

With switch for Quick / Slow charge and Amp meter.

Standard battery charger

Battery charger 6 / 12 / 24 Volts - 30 Amps with Jump-Start

6 charging positions (slow/fast) and Amp meter


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